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Events are Garbage. Here's How to Create Experiences.

Posted by Molly Falco


Let’s start by getting all our cards out on the table: events f*cking suck.

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Event Personalization: 5 Ways How Swoogo Can Help

Posted by Carsten Pleiser
Netflix and Amazon are raising the bar when it comes to personalized marketing. 
"Jeff, You Might Also Like..."  suggestions and hyper-targeted email marketing campaigns are increasing the brand experience for everyone. And y our event attendees are expecting nothing less when they encounter your brand at your event. 
"Okay...I get this!" Everyone is talking about event personalization. Tell me more on how to actually do it...!
In our recent article on why personalized event marketing will get you more attendees we just covered some of the basics. Today, we'll show you how to actually do it, so read on:
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Interview with #EventProfs Series - Becky Dempsey

Posted by Carsten Pleiser

Becky Dempsey is a Senior Project Manager for Primary Live having worked for the company since 2014. Becky's work focuses on event logistics, technology & business systems. She's a passionate dancer and believes that increased event personalisation is the future of events. Read on to learn how Becky and her company use personalisation at their events.

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5 Ways To Personalize Event Marketing Pre-Event

Posted by Carsten Pleiser

Don't you love seeing your name in print, or being called by name? Of course you do! It's a special feeling and one that has been passed down across many generations. After all, who wants to be treated like a number?

Event Personalization is one of those 'trends' that have been floating around in our industry for years. In fact, even the Romans organizing events in the Colosseum had ways to personalize event marketing and enhance the overall experience of their events. 

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