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Introducing Two New Team Members: Welcome, Carmen & Gwinn!

Swoogo is growing fast! We're happy to introduce you to our two new team members, who are all very excited to help put a smile on your face each and every day. Let's meet Carmen & Gwinn!


"Every new person we meet is an opportunity to learn something about ourselves and the world around us!"

Carmen Lineback Swoogo

Carmen is our new Business Development Representative here at Swoogo. Her mission is to help as many event professionals & event marketers solve their event tech needs. 

Her home is in Greensboro, North Carolina. Yes, where the magical Blue Ridge Mountains are. Beautiful, ey?

When not working, Carmen spends most of her time with her precious nine-month-old son, Emory King. He's a cutie-pie.

Did you know? Carmen not only is a woman who never sleeps and wears many hats, she also enjoys making them! 

After collecting hats for most of her life, she learned how to design them and make them herself, studying the lost art of Millinery.

Why Swoogo?

"Everyone on the team at Swoogo has done a superb job of making me feel welcome and right at home. During my first demo with Swoogo, my jaw dropped at the easy navigation, logic, and customization of the platform! I approach new customers with a genuine enthusiasm for Swoogo, and every time I hear a prospect’s first reaction to Swoogo, it boots my excitement for the product all over again."

Now that you know a little more about Carmen, please reach out and introduce yourself! One of her greatest joys is meeting new people, sharing stories, and building relationships.

Contact Carmen at clineback@swoogo.com. You can also find her on LinkedIn


Gwinn Nixon Swoogo

We've also hired a new kick-ass Senior Developer here at Swoogo. When you thrive to bring the best product to the crowds, you need the best people on board. 

Originally from Atlanta (GA), Gwinn has spent the last 4 years living in Los Angeles.

Well, he's now back on the east coast and preparing for the birth of his first son who is due this October. In his free time, he plays an unhealthy amount of basketball, learning new development languages and backwards engineering code, playing with his 3 dogs.

Did you know? Gwinn also designs custom basketball gear for league teams!

Why SwoogO?

Gwinn started working in Event Management with SignUp4 until he took a haitus and learned a whole new industry in agency services and lead generation for the past few years.

During that time, Gwinn was fortunate enough to get contacted about assisting with PRO Services at Swoogo! 

"I always maintained from day 1 that the Swoogo interface is amazing. It was east to work with and extremely flexible and I loved it immediately. I was extremely excited when the opportunity arose to move back into the Event Management space for a product like this. It only got better when I started meeting the amazing people behind the scenes."

Please don't hesitate to reach out to Gwinn at any time at gnixon@swoogo.com or via LinkedIn.

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