7 Ways Swoogo Solves Your Registration Headaches

August, 12 2021

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Abby Foutch
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Abby Foutch

Registration is one of the most important aspects of any event. It’s the first interaction that your attendee has with the event and you want to make sure they go through the registration process feeling cool, calm, collected, and excited. Not overwhelmed and confused. 


With most event registration platforms, having a smooth, customized registration experience is easier said than done. Honestly, what we’ve heard is a lot of headaches and even more dollars to try and get the experience you’re looking for. 


Considering the title of the post, we aren’t going to beat around the bush. Swoogo’s event management platform excels at registration and we’re darn proud of it. We’ve worked hard to build an affordable platform that’s super customizable and is easy to use. And it’s paid off; check out the praise for yourself. 


But you’re here to see exactly how we prevent headaches, not just to have a super cool event management software rubbed in your face. So let’s jump in. 



Here are 7 ways Swoogo solves your event registration headaches



1    Our pricing model includes unlimited registrations and events



With Swoogo’s all-inclusive pricing model, you can have as many registrants at as many events as you’d like. We offer unlimited registrations and events so there’s no need to worry about consolidating your events or charging your attendees more.


To make it crystal clear: whether your event has 8 attendees or 100K+, you will not be charged for the number of registrants. Boom.



 Unlimited conditional logic + multiple registrant types


Ahhh—one of our biggest perks. Why other companies nickel and dime you for conditional logic, we will never understand. But we are thrilled to offer you unlimited conditional logic to customize the heck out of your registration. Knock your socks off!UnconditionalLogic-1

This is especially useful if you’re hosting hybrid events and need to customize the entire registration pathway for both in-person and virtual attendees. Or heck, this is just useful period when you are building out different registrant pathways for multiple types of attendees.

Speaking of multiple registrant types, with Swoogo you can build out as many as you’d like. Having a massive company conference and need a different registration type for each department? Cool. Throwing a tax conference and you want everyone to register based on their state? Sounds boring, but you can sure do it. Ok, I think you get the point. Next!


3   Easily create packages for your events


giphy (4)You probably understand by now that Swoogo and customize go together like peas and carrots, and that’s no different for when you create your event packages.

Create as many event packages as you need and then set capacity limits, enable waitlists, choose which and how many sessions are included, set pricing, enable early bird pricing or set conditional fees, and play with the visibility settings.




4    Super flexible visibility settings + admin-only fields


LandingPage-11-1As if unlimited conditional logic weren’t enough, we have super intuitive, super flexible visibility settings to help you create the most customized event registration site of all time. Wait. Should we start a record book? Brb. 


Ok, we’re back. The visibility settings are easily toggled on and off all over the entire registration site and for basically every single question.

Oh and on top of that, we have admin-only registration fields that are only editable by the event organizer. You can use these fields to customize your reporting, lead generation information, etc. 



5    Manage your hotel blocks through Swoogo


Once you’ve booked your hotel block, you can upload all of the information into Swoogo and manage everything in one place. Dreamy, right?

After you add in the hotel you can set check in/out dates, create room types, play with the visibility settings for the room types, and add in additional details. Your attendees can even book their hotel room while they are registering. Talk about a smooth, seamless registration experience!

Plus, you can pull hotel reports through Swoogo, so all of your event reporting is in one place. Or don’t pull reports and have them automatically sent to your inbox every Monday (or whatever day and cadence you choose).



6    Flexible pricing including payment methods, discount codes, and early-bird settings


You want it, we got it. No, really. We have just about every pricing feature you could ask for. We’ll start with the payment methods. Have your attendees pay via credit card, invoice, check, wire transfer, purchase order, or custom method. Plus, we have over 12 (free) integrated payment gateways to choose from.

Want to set up specific discount codes? Great! You can set up the customized discount code by name, discount, capacity, and even have a direct URL to autofill for your registrants.


Create as many different types of early bird pricing and packages as you please with flexible visibility settings as always.



7     Stay on top of your registrants with automated emails


LandingPage-10Keep your attendees in the loop with automated emails. Easily set up automated emails with flexible trigger settings including registration confirmed, abandoned, modified, and canceled to let your attendees know exactly what's going on.  


Might we suggest boosting morale in the emails by spicing them up with a gif, witty comment, or some emojis? 😏



But wait, there's more!



So to keep with the theme of honesty, we wanted to mention that this was hard for us to keep to this post to 7 things. We weren’t lying when we said we crush registration. We didn’t even have time to mention:

  • Localization with 28 different languages.  
  • 30+ free integrations including CRMs. 
  • Drag and drop functionality with pretty much everything on the reg form. 
  • 18 types of questions to choose from. 

Ok, ok now we’re just showing off; we’ll stop there for the sake of time. We hope that we were able to show you just how easy, flexible, and customizable Swoogo really is. But if you need help, we’ve got world-class support with a 98.7% satisfaction rate in 2020 for that. You really can’t go wrong. 


If you haven’t gotten a demo yet, click the button below to get a customized demo to see how many headaches (& dollars) you’ll save with Swoogo! 



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