Events are Garbage. Here's How to Create Experiences.

Posted by Molly Falco


Let’s start by getting all our cards out on the table: events f*cking suck.

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9 Tech-Savvy Ways to Spend Leftover Event Budget

Posted by Carsten Pleiser

Got some leftover event budget to spend on more event tech? We have some seriously genius ideas to help you out (if we do say so ourselves).

Having money left to spend can feel too good to be true. Maybe you just saved a huge chunk by swapping your event software over to Swoogo (#shamelessplug), or maybe you got some extra cash to spend by saving on other big ticket items. No matter how you got it, here are some smart ways to spend that leftover event budget:

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12 Must-Ask Questions For Buying Event Registration Software

Posted by Carsten Pleiser

Your event registration software should be your best buddy, right?

When you're spending a lot of time with a product, it helps if it's your friend. Plus, if things turn stressful or hectic you want something by your side you can trust and rely on. 

Conversely, choosing the wrong registration partner can turn managing your event into your worst nightmare, like a knife-wielding Freddy Kruger invading your dreams while you sleep (Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic) (MAYBE).

When it comes to choosing your registration and event marketing partner, it can be hard to know exactly what to look for— especially if you're among the 10% of marketers who haven't used event registration software before (who are you? We're fascinated). 

Even if you're already using a software tool and are looking to make a change, you may not realize where your current product is falling short, and what you can look for in the next one. 

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6 Event Planning Questions Answered About The New US Sales Tax Rulings

Posted by Carsten Pleiser

New tax regulations? Didn't we just have this GDPR thing going on?

GDPR scared the event marketing world and now you're worried that another new regulation might impact the way you run your events? Don't be. The new regulation is brand new and we spent some time to find out everything there is to it so you don't have to. 

"But you are an event software company?"

Yes we are. In fact, we know Jack about the new US sales tax rulings and regulations. Sometimes, you need some experts in your life. And that's why we brought in Stephen Cummings, our own accountant, who runs Nomad Financial, a financial company dedicated to helping start-ups like Swoogo.

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How To Select Event Registration Software (Without All The BS)

Posted by Carsten Pleiser

Paper registration forms and hand-scribbled RSVPs sent via fax are so 1990, don't you think?

Not surprisingly, the most commonly used event technology among forward-thinking event professionals is event registration software. In fact, 85% of Eventprofs are using event registration software for their events according to a research from Event Manager Blog.

Read on to get a honest view on how to select a vendor you can feel comfortable enough around to binge-watch Netflix with. (or scroll down to the conclusion if you're short on time)

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Interview with #EventProfs Series - Elizabeth Glau

Posted by Carsten Pleiser

Elizabeth Glau is an experienced event professional turned product marketing manager at event tech startup Sciensio. She is passionate about event experiences that create strong emotional connections.  She designs events that integrate the participants' whole selves. In episode #4 of our #EventProfs series, Elizabeth talks about human centered event design, AI chatbots & attendee engagement.

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How Event Tech Trends Influence Your Vendor Selection

Posted by Michael Sabani

If you're one of the planners who have bookmarked the tech section of Event Manager Blog or you've been following the likes of Corbin Ball and Dahlia El Gazzar, you're clearly an event technology expert. 

But have you ever asked yourself what's the next big thing in event tech, what's here to stay and what's just a fad? This article explores the differences and shows you how event tech trends can influence your vendor selection.

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Event Personalization: 5 Ways How Swoogo Can Help

Posted by Carsten Pleiser
Netflix and Amazon are raising the bar when it comes to personalized marketing. 
"Jeff, You Might Also Like..."  suggestions and hyper-targeted email marketing campaigns are increasing the brand experience for everyone. And y our event attendees are expecting nothing less when they encounter your brand at your event. 
"Okay...I get this!" Everyone is talking about event personalization. Tell me more on how to actually do it...!
In our recent article on why personalized event marketing will get you more attendees we just covered some of the basics. Today, we'll show you how to actually do it, so read on:
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Interview with #EventProfs Series - Becky Dempsey

Posted by Carsten Pleiser

Becky Dempsey is a Senior Project Manager for Primary Live having worked for the company since 2014. Becky's work focuses on event logistics, technology & business systems. She's a passionate dancer and believes that increased event personalisation is the future of events. Read on to learn how Becky and her company use personalisation at their events.

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Events for Event Marketers July 2018

Posted by Carsten Pleiser

It's July, #EventProfs, and time to focus on some personal development, right? Staying abreast of event marketing trends when you're busy running and marketing your events is hard. But with the summer season peaking, grab a Pina Colada and your diary and block out some YOU time to help you become an even more awesome event marketer.

Whatever your goal, these 6 events for event marketers should definitely be on your radar. 

And here's why:

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